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It’s time we begin to tap into our feminine energies and unleash our femme fatale goddess! Let go of all inhibitions, pain and trauma around our sexuality and bodies. We are all beautiful creatures of our divine being who deserve love and to be loved. Women have been sexually suppressed, oppressed, and judged for how we want to sexually express ourselves. Sex is beautiful, your body is gorgeous, your yoni is powerful. When you begin to realize your own power, you then open doors and give permission for other women to save themselves and be free from this sexual propaganda.
We dance from our core sensual, erotic and creative space. We celebrate it. We revel in it. And in turn we become that light to every relationship we have around the world.
There is a fierce, confident, sexy and beautiful woman inside of you. You will discover her through not just any movement. Through EROTIC FLOW MOVEMENT!

How to embrace your inner sexiness

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Figure out your values and align your life to them.


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Figure out your values and align your life to them.


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Something Wonderful Happened
Fatima, something wonderful happened. After the raindrop therapy yesterday, my 2 big toes, which pretty much stay numb 24-7,...
Mary Ann Latko
This is a fantastic workshop series
This is a fantastic workshop series. Fatima is welcoming, knowledgeable and has a beautiful soul. I had a great...
Marie Julian
Positivity and affirming energy I felt
Working with Fatima and her sister during my pregnancy was a pure and radiant experience. I learned techniques and...
Tyler Morgan

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