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Labor of Love Program

Labor of Love is an eight session program for pregnant women who want to create a healthy and blissful birth. This is also perfect for women going through postpartum depression.

Top causes of complications during labor is stress. Whether your stresses are anger, worry, fear, anxiety, guilt, or resentment towards yourself, your birth, or your loved ones, this program allows you to cultivate your feminine energies and own your feminine power so that you can feel happy, joyful, peaceful and harmonious which are all necessary for having a blissful birth.

Benefits: reduces stress, releases toxic thoughts and emotions, nourishes self-love, improves energy circulation and increases production of milk in the breasts.

Erotic Flow Movement Program

Erotic Flow Movement (EFM) is a women’s empowerment program – a sensuous movement practice for the mind, body and soul that is deliciously designed to allow the female body to express herself in a freeing, liberating and erotic way.

This eight-session immersive course with Fatima teaches women who are suffering from pre-menopause, menopause and postpartum depression a proven method to reignite their body, creativity and sex life. This is a gateway into your body, your heart, and your erotic truth through the Four Feminine Stages.

Program Includes:

1. Sensual Warm-up for removing emotional blockages that are stagnant within the organs

2. Visual Guided Meditation for reprograming those subconscious beliefs women hold on to behind their bodies and sexuality

3. Sexy Dance Routine for embracing the body and feeling empowered as a feminine. We also include a top peel off and props.

4. 13% discount on classes

5. Join our online community for free which allows you access to weekly affirmations, healing movements, self-care activities and monthly live movement/meditation videos

6. Goddess Gift Bag (value of $100). This includes:

  • “Lady Sclareol” an essential oil blend for you to enhance your feminine nature of joy, harmony, love, sexuality and provide a relaxing experience when diffused or rubbed on your body.
  •  “Liquid Bliss” an herbal blend that nourishes your nervous system and support an open heart and your body’s feel-good hormones, helping to lift your mood and increase your sense of connection.
  • “Chocolove” a super delicious bar that combines the best Michigan cherries, dry roasted California almonds and Belgian dark chocolate crafted from African cocoa beans.